Fresh Family Vegetable and Fruit Box


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With all the things you'll need: 

Apple- Gala Kids Size Pre-Pack, 1.5kg
Bananas, 1kg
Grapes- red, 500g
Lemons- Tag 1, 500g
Pears- brown, 500g
Mesclun Salad, 200g
Beans, 200g
Brocolli, Each
Cabbage- green/drum, Half
Capsicum- red, Each
Carrots- table, 1kg

Courgette, 500g
Cucumber- telegraph tag1, Each
Kumara- orange, 500g
Kumara- red, 500g
Mushroom- button Tag 1, 250g
Onions- brown, table, 500g
Parsnips, 500g
Potato- agria (table), 5kg
Pumpkin- crown, 1kg
Tomatoes- Tag 1, 500g
Avocado, each

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