Supplier FAQ

What is This Little?

This Little is an online marketplace where consumers shop for local fresh food and staples from multiple independent growers and producers, in a single online platform and have it delivered safely to their door – in one delivery.

Our aim is for suppliers and customers to be better connected locally, without any fuss.

This Little deliveries will take place three times per week – Monday / Wednesday / Friday, from our Palmerston North HQ using local courier companies.


Why This Little as a Name?

This little piggy went to market, this little piggy stayed home, this little piggy had roast beef, this little piggy had none, and this little piggy went weee-weeee-weeee all the way home


Where is the This Little HQ?

This Little is based in Palmerston North, Manawatū.

We operate from a fully compliant commercial kitchen and prep space. The Crafted and Co., one of our founders' businesses, has carved out space for This Little to reside, collect deliveries, package, and dispatch your beautiful products. This central location is key to ensuring prompt deliveries. 

This Little has ample chiller space and ambient storage space available where you will deliver your transiting goods to. For example, if you deliver a cheese order you will deliver it straight into a chiller at This Little HQ, then fill in an inwards goods form, including temperature check. 


Who’s behind This Little?

We are three babes, all business owners, from the Manawatū:

We’re good friends and have worked together professionally for a number of years. 

We’re pumped to collaborate on This Little, letting our respective skill sets shine and offer a fresh creative solution to a supply chain issue that has concerned us for a long time, but now has effectively been shut down. We are passionate about local businesses, having them ourselves and would love to see a thriving local producer economy now and in the future. 

How does supply to This Little work?

In a nutshell, we sell goods on your behalf.

Selling goods on pre-order/consignment is a sustainable way for This Little to get fresh food and staples to multiple customers from multiple independent producers, at fair prices, whilst maximising profitability along the supply chain.

You let us know what you grow or make, the lead time to do this and your wholesale and RRP prices.

We’ll market and sell your goods, collate the orders, and deliver the order in one go.

We take care of the stuff we are good at: marketing, communication, design, sales, customer service, creative problem solving, order fulfilment and delivery.

You can focus on what you're good at – growing, making, brewing, baking  but now with an additional sales channel that can sit alongside your current methods of selling.

We want our customers to recognise Monday, Wednesday and Friday as being delivery days and as such:

Thursday Night is the cut off for Monday delivery

Tuesday Night is the cut off for Friday delivery

Sunday Night is the cut off for Wednesday delivery


Where are my goods stored until they are purchased?

There’s two options, largely guided by the food item you produce:

  1. Goods stay at your premises until we order them to arrive for a specific delivery day.
  2. We hold goods on consignment, managing stock items for you and dispatching as orders come in.

We will work with each supplier to find which of these options works best for you. 

We want to hit the sweet spot in terms of your capacity, production lead time, and our goal to supply customers with the best fresh staples and goods on the next delivery day.


How do I keep track of orders I need to fulfil?

Simple - we’ll send you a purchase order basing fulfilment dates around agreed lead times we have arranged individually at the outset. 

For example: 

CONSIGNMENT - Stock held at HQ.

Each end of day we will collate all orders for you and we will send you a PO to let you know what products you have sold

Say you have sold 12 x bottles of oil on Monday. Because we already hold stock at HQ on your behalf, we will dispatch your stock on the next available delivery day (Monday, Wednesday, Friday). In this instance, your stock will go out on Wednesday.

We will then generate a bill at the agreed wholesale price on your behalf, addressed to This Little for the purchase of 12 x bottles of oil, this is then approved for payment once the goods have been dispatched to the customer.

JUST IN TIME - Pre-orders - Fresh Made Products

This Little gives fresh producers at least two full days to make the order for each delivery day.

At the order cut off time, the supplier will be sent a PO with the orders required for the next delivery day. 

To secure a Wednesday delivery, the customer needs to complete and pay for their order by the previous Sunday night.

To secure a Monday delivery, orders for fresh products need to be completed and paid for by the customer by the previous Thursday night (this is to give an extra day over the weekend for production and some rest!).

To secure a Friday delivery, orders for fresh products need to be completed and paid for by the customer by the Tuesday night of the same week.


Coming soon - Specialty orders

We recognise that there may be producers out there that cannot produce goods in a two day turnaround time. We intend to offer one-off deliveries once we get our feet on the ground. So for example: Christmas ham would need to be pre-ordered at least 2 months ahead of time for delivery Christmas Week.


When do I get paid?

We sell your goods on a pre-order and/or consignment basis – which means you get paid when the item is purchased and is sent to the customer.

Supplier payments are reconciled weekly and operate on a 7 day cycle.  Purchases made over the 7 days prior (Monday – Sunday) are reconciled on Monday with you are emailed a purchase order summary report.  From here, you invoice us and we will pay the bill!!!


Do you have a supplier criteria or a selection process? 

This Little was created as a platform to champion the amazing small businesses and producers in our local area. So, first and foremost, we want you to be one of those. 

We also need you to have and be practicing excellent food control processes in whatever industry you are in. 

We operate according to the golden rule - treat others how you want to be treated.

Beautiful brands and brand stories are easy to sell so make sure you know who you are as a brand and let us know so we can do our best to tell your story too.


Do you offer exclusivity for supply of a particular good?

We believe in equal opportunity and also giving consumers the right to choose. So, in a nutshell, no. But, we will do our best to curate a responsible variety of goods. 


What information do I need to supply when I come on board as a This Little supplier?

  • Business Contact Information
  • Product List
  • Wholesale + RRP
  • Availability + Lead Time
  • Business Description / Profile
  • Logo
  • Product imagery

If this sounds like a bit of you, head over to our supplier application form and let us get to know you: 

Take me there >>